Build brand awareness to improve conversion rate
In advertising, there is one rule of the thumb called “effective frequency”; it states that if customers see the brand more than 20 times, then the chance of conversion is higher. An application with useful features will keep your customers involved regularly. The more often they interact with your application, the more trust they place on your brand.

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Retain your customers to stabilize revenue
Customers are attracted to brands that they share values with. Therefore, if you can make customers recognize the benefits that your brand provides them with, you can eventually build a loyal brand. With mobile applications, you can constantly notify your customers of irresistible promotions, keep them coming back regularly to stabilize your revenue.

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Create content that sells
Mobilize your business process is an effective method to collect data from your customers. By utilizing data to unfold what consumer’s motives behind each purchase action, you can anticipate their actions and tailor your marketing messages to create relevant content with higher chance to generate revenue.

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