Put your software development process on a 24-hour development cycle
Teamwork is dreamwork when it lasts continuously for 24 hours. The difference between time zones makes the end of your shift become our start. A four to five hour difference in time zones even provides time for additional collaboration when both teams are “on the clock.” Your project will constantly receive feedback on a 24-hours basis which we called “Continuous Delivery”.

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Achieve cost efficiency and faster time to market
The cost to outsourcing testing services is lower comparing to establish and maintain your own testing team. You also do not need to invest on ownership costs for high-end software and hardware required for efficient software testing. As testing is done independently, the testing time is decreased which in turn accelerates your product lifecycle.

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Save management costs and effort to focus on the core business
Independent software testing saves you a considerable amount of operational costs and management efforts. Thus, you can totally concentrate on investment in business expansion or revenue-producing activities and other more important aspects of your business.

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