According to KOFAX report 22% of an employee’s time is wasted on repetitive tasksin the back office– creating negative impacts on their productivity. Meanwhile, 73% of consumers expect customer services to be easier and more convenient, and 53% of them switch providers due to poor services. The only way to solve this problem is to help employees handle repetitive tasks, and at the same time to improve customer service. In asituationlike this, artificial intelligence chat bot will help you fill two needs with one deed.

Process repetitive tasks with high accuracy
According to a study from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, out of every 100 steps, a human is likely to make 10 errors, even when carrying out somewhat redundant work. Luckily, a chat bot is designed to handle repetitive tasks from the workplace and deliver company-specific information on demand with higher accuracy. It is a FAQ and personal assistant for inside a business to improve internal communication.

Improve customer services for higher revenue
The key to increasing sales is to improve your customer satisfaction. Whenever problems arise, customers want immediate response to their queries, but customer representatives are not present all the time. That’s where chat bots come in handy. A chat bot is always there and very active at every time of the day ready to be engaged. Gartner’s prediction shows that by 2020, 85% of customer interaction with business will be through chatbot.

Reduce significant amount of operational costs
Research from Forrester shows that the average cost of processing low-value interactions such as information inquiries is between $6 to $20 for a contact center agent. On the other hands, chat bot interactions only cost around $0.25 which is 240% lower. By offloading some of these interactions chatbots can increase ROI for customer service departments.

Deeply engage with customers for higher conversion rate
What makes chat bot powerful is its ability to analyze the conversation to give personalized responses to different customers, making them feel that they are properly listened and understood. Once customers feel engaged, they will be more likely to converse. Just Eat – a restaurant franchise that applies Facebook messenger chat bot for 27,600 partner restaurants, has experienced a 266% growth in conversion rate.