Odoo has more than 2 million users worldwide (Odoo’s statistics) with 1,000 installations per day, it is publicly known as the most installed management software in the world (Ernst & Young). Moreover, being able to release 60 new modules per month, Odoo’s number of modules has accumulated to 3000++, which helps it cover wide areas of business applications, making it by far the most versatile management software in the world (Odoo’s statistics). If you want a cost-effective yet powerful solution to streamline your business, Odoo is the best fit.

With our enormous resources and knowledge in utilizing Odoo, we bear in mind the mission to help our clients to fully enjoy ultimate benefits of Odoo, by accurately aligning the needs of the organizations to what Odoo can offer through adaptive customization.

Highly accurate future forecast
Using disparate, poorly integrated business software systems usually produces to messy, non-standardized data, making predictions less accurate and more time-consuming. On the opposite, Odoo consists of highly integrated applications which provide more standardized data in real-time, leading to more realistic estimates and more accurate forecasts in a faster manner. In addition, all data from different modules will be centralized in a single location, therefore no more issues with data spread across separate databases.

Improve customer services for higher revenue
The key to increasing sales is to improve your customer satisfaction. Whenever problems arise, customers want immediate response to their queries, but customer representatives are not present all the time. That’s where chat bots come in handy. A chat bot is always there and very active at every time of the day ready to be engaged. Gartner’s prediction shows that by 2020, 85% of customer interaction with business will be through chatbot.

Optimize business operations to improve performance
Inefficient and decentralized operations often result in more operational costs and efforts, reducing business productivity and profitability. Fortunately, Odoocan streamline highly complex operations by providing a centralized solution that automates manual processes, eliminates duplicate works, and improves internal communication.As a result, employees will have more time to focus on more important tasks to increase business performance.

Exceptionally versatile and adaptive to any business need
With 30++ core modules, 3,000++ community modules, and 300++ new applications per month (Odoo’s statistics), Odoo is a suite of business applications including sales, project management, inventory management, e-commerce, and accounting. Usually, most traditional solutions require installing such a large amount of applications at once, forcing businesses to put a huge time and resources investment upfront. However, Odoo’s innovative ‘build as you grow’ flexible structure allows users to start using with just a few applications, and add more later as you need – which drastically lowers upfront investment costs.

Cost-effective yet still powerful
Most companies cannot fully enjoy the benefit of ERP solutions because of the extremely expensive license cost. Unlike other ERP platforms, Odoo is an open source platform which requires no license fee, and so organizations can allot a bigger portion of budget for implementation and customization wherever needed. Despite being known as an open source platform, Odoo does not shy away from its competitor and even has more to offer in comparison to other licensed platforms (Finances Online).