Moodle was at first designed to provide an online environment for learning and has been widely used by 89 million people around the world, which is higher than any other platform.Acknowledging the previous success, organizations around the globe quickly has come to realize the business applications of Moodle and used it to achieve impressive business outcomes. Evidently,it goes without saying that Moodle is one of the best learning management systems for both business and educational institutions.

Understanding the powerful capabilities of Moodle, Success Software Services aims to assist our clients – who are deeply in need of a tailor-made learning management system, to deploy and operationalize Moodle to its fullest potential.

Reduce training time and cost
For most companies, face-to-face training requires all employees to attend at the same time, hence absent employees will need another training session. Not to mention that the long training time can hurt employee’s productivity. Fortunately, with Moodle’s online course – employees to take training simultaneously with working regardless of time and place, thereby not hampering the workflow.

Improve customer services for higher revenue
The key to increasing sales is to improve your customer satisfaction. Whenever problems arise, customers want immediate response to their queries, but customer representatives are not present all the time. That’s where chat bots come in handy. A chat bot is always there and very active at every time of the day ready to be engaged. Gartner’s prediction shows that by 2020, 85% of customer interaction with business will be through chatbot.

Improve employees performance
Traditional learning class often requires constant attendance of teachers. As learning demands are growing rapidly in the education industry, you will need to spend more budgets to hire additional teachers. On the other hands, with online courses and videos available on Moodle, students can learn without requiring the attendance of teachers, resulting in less operational costs while still meet the large demand.

Improve teaching methods
One limitation of traditional learning method is that teachers can only follow prescribed teaching programs without being able to try new things. On the opposite, Moodle creates room for teachers to apply different learning models and decide which is the best one using tracking and analytic tools. As a result, the teaching process will constantly improve.